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Don’t be a Duct Tape Hero—Instead Achieve Awesomeness

3 most excellent reasons to implement a financial cloud.


50% Of Cloud Adopters Used Fewer Internal IT Resources

Cloud Infographic: replete with juicy cloud stats.

Live Cycle Software fueling local governments and communities.

Everlasting ROI
Evolves with you
Easy to Own, Easy to Use

Finance Suite:
Precise and Powerful

Get called a know-it-all – and like it. Highly-tuned features help you do it all, and do it right the first time through reliable delegation workflow, elimination of redundant tasks and uber-accurate automated processes.

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Utility Billing Suite:
Flexible and Complete

Straightforward, yet flexible. It really makes life easy for you and your customers. Easily configured as a complete end-to-end billing wizard, or for third-party billing. No-nonsense execution saves everyone loads of effort and time.

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Payroll Suite:
Full-Serve and Self-Serve

Payroll execution anytime, anywhere. Give your staff a flexible, automated system with extreme ease-of-use, and stuffed full of features that help them work better AND faster. Wow – that’s easy.

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Community Development Suite:
Smart and Futuristic

High-performance modules put a bonanza of tools at your team’s disposal to build a well-oiled machine. Recurring payments, automatic billing of taxes – you got that. Providing business owners tools to apply, renew or update licenses – oh yeah. And more – way more.

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Property Tax Suite:
Processing Thru Enforcement

The PT Suite is the brawn that all local gov financial brains need. It’s so strong it easily handles all forms of property tax processing from assessment through collection – don’t call it a softy; it handles enforcement too. The Property Tax Suite is Muscle for hire.

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Uniquely-suited software developed by and for powerful teams of local government.


Municipalities well-served

Software that eliminates the complexities of muni financial systems and creates process harmony for all varieties of users.

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Hardworking Districts

Software for smooth operators. Our no-nonsense modules and features provide staff with effective tools to help control their destiny — and deliver fast, efficient customer service.

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General Managers

Just For General Managers

See how GM’s tackle office efficiency along with infrastructure processes in order to bird-dog profitability to a T.

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Finance Directors

Just For Finance Directors

See how finance directors orchestrate the complexities of stability, efficiency, and detailed reporting with software tools specialized for process management hygiene.

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